More Than Education or Experience, Employers Want Their Candidates to Have Potential

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When a company evaluates an applicant, it is interested in the technical skills of the candidate however, the company’s team is looking at every angle as well.

Why Potential is Very Important?

Potential, that is basically defined as demonstrating the ability to develop into or become something in the near future, is very essential. When your company is searching to hire a candidate, they want someone who can apply what they have learned in order to help your company grow and develop. Aside from that, a candidate with a high potential is usually a problem solver who’ll bring value to the position.

In addition to that, potential also compensates for the need of qualified candidates and helps resolve the problem for talent. Businesses or companies may be found in places where there are not many qualified candidates or for particular jobs, hiring the best and most qualified job candidates is too expensive. As a matter of fact, searching for job candidates with high potential is actually a way to bridge the talent gap, allowing companies to make new hires when the supply and demand are slightly out of sync.

How to Identify Persons with High Potential?

Through the candidate’s interviews, follow-ups and resume, you can find out their potential. Every time you interview someone for a certain position they have not done before, you should ask yourself the following to find out their potential:

  • Is my candidate a problem-solver?
  • Did they spend the time to research my company and the position?
  • Will they harmonize with the culture of my company?
  • Do their questions demonstrate a genuine and honest interest in the job opportunity?
  • Are they looking for clarity to find out if this move is right for them?
  • In their last jobs, did they invest in their personal growth and development like taking a course since it opened up a whole new opportunity for them?
  • Can they take out a parallel between their last working experience and the current job’s requirements?

Personality and Experience Count

There is still a huge emphasis put on the personality and experience of the candidate. Hiring managers and recruiters say that these two aspects rank below potential whenever they assess and evaluate a candidate. Because the average listing for a corporate job receives at least 250 applications, a person should demonstrate that they have enough years of experience to perform the task in order for them to stand out from amongst the rest.

For most roles, it is the experience shown on the resume which opens up the door however, it is the potential demonstrated in the interview which lands the job. With that being said, this is also the reason why it is very important to see the whole package of the candidate first prior to making a decision. Personality, on the other hand, is also another key quality in choosing the correct candidate for the position. Also, you need to know whether the candidate is the correct cultural fit for your company. This is why it’s best that you contact a professional corporate recruiter regarding this matter.

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