Different Methods of Cleaning Your Carpets

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As you’re fed with several options to choose from as you select a carpet cleaning company for your business or home, it’s vital to know the various kinds of methods used by carpet cleaning companies since not all methods will work for your carpet. Below are some of the common services available in most companies:

Steam carpet cleaning

This method is also known as hot water extraction cleaning that utilizes high pressured hot water to disturb the fiber of your carpets and dissolve the accumulated dirt in it. Steam carpet cleaning commonly involves the use of a cleaning solution of soiled surfaces, carpet agitation using a brush, then rinse.

Shampoo carpet cleaning

Carpet shampooing was famous until the innovative technology was delivered to us in the 1970s. Shampooing a carpet might appear to heavily clean soiled carpet, however, there is a disadvantage on the technology. Unfortunately, this method tends to leave behind a great amount of wet foam carpet residue, which takes a long time to dry. This residue gets sticky once it dries since it won’t be rinsed after fast carpet re-soiling and shampooing.

Foam Encapsulation

This technique has overhauled the technology of carpet shampooing since the former utilizes less water during cleaning, resulting in briefer drying time than the technique of shampooing a carpet. This technique has become well-commended by those who are environmental advocates since this process produces lesser chemical residue compared to shampooing your carpet.

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning can provide a great result when it comes to cleaning since the process mostly consists of cleaning your carpet’s top part with a motorized machine that’s heavy-duty and has a spinning pad that’s immersed with cleaning agents to penetrate dirt from the surface of the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning

Compound cleaning, which is also known as dry carpet cleaning is one of the most recent technology when it comes to cleaning that’s available now in the market, which has received boosted approvals and popularity by leading carpet manufacturers due to its convenience and effective cleaning since it doesn’t need drying time.

And because this was made in the 1980s, there are a lot of kinds of cleaning powders or compounds, which have been made in the market. While this technology is relatively considered as new than some new methods in carpet cleaning, which has been used and trusted for decades. Still, a lot of people are doubtful about this cleaning technology’s effectiveness.

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